Steffie Garena Free Fire

Steffie Garena Free Fire is an amazing smartphone 4K wallpaper. In addition, it’s available in 1080×1920 pixels (300dpi) screen resolution. First of all this fantastic wallpaper can be used for any of the following devices: HTC, Samsung Galaxy, iPhone 11, or even iPhone 12. Second of all, it’s free and easy to download. Choose any 4K wallpaper for your smartphones.
Most Android devices come with a default picture. The same applies to the iPhone. Usually, the owners choose to change the default background with one customized picture. We provide a wide selection of 4K backgrounds. Abstract, animals, beauty, TV Series like Breaking Bad and Game of Throne, amazing movies like Avenger Endgame, or any Marvel Studios productions. Consequently, you have more wallpapers from which to choose from.

Steffie Garena Free Fire

After hours of downtime, the much-anticipated Free Fire update is now live. The update is one of the biggest in recent times, and it brings a lot of changes and new features to the game. The update includes the Kalahari Map, New Training Ground, and a new character called Steffie. The new character Steffie seems strong at first glance and will definitely shake up the meta.

Steffie is an artist that enjoys painting as much as she enjoys killing enemies. Her ability “Painted Refugee” allows her to create a circular zone around her, and any player standing inside the zone (only allies) including herself takes less damage from enemies. At level 1 of her ability, any player standing inside the zone will take 15% less damage from explosives and 5% less damage from basic bullet attacks. At the max level, Steffie reduces damage from explosives by 25% and damage from bullets by 7.5%.

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Phone wallpaper allows you to search for any desired wallpaper. We can recommend using our search engine to find the image you like. To do that, go to the top right side of the website and type the word you would like to search. The results are displayed in a beautiful grid of 4 wallpapers by 3 rows.

The second option is to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and use the 2 dropdowns: Category or Archives. The Category will show you all the 4K wallpapers grouped by a specific word. The most popular ones are with the Avenger’s movie. Others are about Cars, Motorcycles, Anime, popular video games, and so on. On a daily basis, users download as many as 5000 wallpapers.

Seems like all the above options will make it very easy for you to find the right wallpaper. Hope you enjoy them.

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In the end, the battle is between iPhone and Samsung. Who is it going to win? It doesn’t matter. All it matters is that if you own an iPhone or a Samsung smartphone, you can use any of our 4k wallpapers. The size and quality of each hand-pick image make the background suitable for any smartphone.

Daily, we are looking to improve website design and functionality, sources from where to add new images, wallpapers, or backgrounds for Android and iPhone. If you are a talented artist or have a wallpaper to share please send us an email or contact us on Facebook.

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Steffie Garena Free Fire

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