How to set the home screen wallpaper

Choosing the best and most beautiful HD wallpaper for your HTC mobile is one of the most important change you make in order to personalize it. It could be a picture with your best friends, a photo of your kids, family, pet, an illustration of your preferred season, team, movie, celebrity, an abstract wallpaper and so on. Here is a way to change your wallpaper for HTC one.

Download your home screen image from our collection of beautiful HD wallpapers. You can find more wallpapers on our Abstract category or feel free to choose from any category.

Go to the Settings menu scroll down and tap Personalize(1). To change your home screen image, tap Wallpaper(2) at the top of the list.
You can choose from four categories of wallpapers:

  • HTC Wallpapers – A beautiful collection of images pre-installed on your phone.
  • Live wallpapers – A beautiful collection of animated wallpapers.
  • Computer photos
  • Gallery(3) – Other images/photos, either taken with your 4 MP camera or downloaded from other locations.


If you’ve downloaded your background image from a website, choose the last category Gallery(3) and your image will likely be in the All downloads(4) section. Open the section, tap to select the image you want. Tap the edge and drag(5) to adjust the size or tap and drag to adjust the position. Finally press DONE.

How to select the entire image !!!

At step 5 in order to select the entire image and not cropping it do the following:

  • tap the edge where number 5 is located
  • drag your finger to the right, HORIZONTALY.

Usually people tap the edge and drag their fingers to the right upper corner, but this is wrong.

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