How to download free wallpapers

We are offering you a selection of more than 500 high definition wallpapers / more than 15 categories to choose from.
The first step in order to download a wallpaper is to open a browser. You can do that from your PC or directly from your HTC One phone. I usually prefer to access the website using my HTC One phone because this is the easiest way, the image is saved in All downloads (Gallery>All downloads) folder.
Search for the most beautiful wallpaper. I prefer the ones from Car category, especially the ones with BMW M5/M6. I’ve got all the wallpapers from this category on my phone.
download free wallpapers
To download the wallpaper(standard size 1080x1920px) go over the image and click it or if you are on your phone just tap it. This way you can download free wallpapers.

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